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Rotten fascias can cause damage to your roof structure

Rotten fascias can cause damage to your roof structure

If your house was built with wooden fascias, time consuming annual maintenance is usually never carried out leading to decay which results in flaking paint, leaky old gutters, rotten roof trusses, shabby roof linings, rotten wall cladding which are not only unattractive they also let unseen rot eat away at the structure of your roof and home, before you know it the damage can be extensive – this can also turn out to be very expensive. A pvcu replacement roof line system is the most affordable home improvement, which will protect your biggest asset from the elements.

The biggest downside to timber is that it requires regular maintenance to prevent any of the above problems from occurring. Unfortunately the key areas you need to maintain are also the hardest to reach places; let’s face it – who wants to spend their precious free time climbing up a wobbly ladder to repair, sand and paint fascias ?


We offer a maintenance free alternative in a range of styles and colours to compliment any home and most budgets.

Take a look at what some of our competitors offer inferior products along with unskilled labour as shown in these pictures below.

Competitors using inferior products: